Wolcen Starter Build Guide: “OP Mage” for Campaign

2020-04-08 17:16:00

Welcome to the  “OP MAGE” Campaign & Leveling Build for Wolcen! Want to finish the campaign in less than 6 hours? Stand in all the AoE and tank all the damage? The  “Lazy Occultist” has your back.

Build Overview

The Lazy Occultist is all about having the maximum amount of toughness through high health, resistances, and regeneration throughout the campaign.  Since this is a campaign build, it only goes up to level 40, which is where you’ll probably end up after Act 3 give or take a few levels.

Attributes & Stat Points

For attributes, there’s only one—toughness. Of course, you can also allocate a few points in a secondary attribute. In this case, ferocity is an ideal secondary attribute.


“Safe build”

“Better damage”

Ferocity 0 2/3
Toughness 10 8/7
Agility 0 0
Wisdom 0 0
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Passive Skill Tree

Check out the passive point distribution  here. We break it down in such a way that you will have a functional build for each act.

Act 1 (level 20): Starting from the Scholar tree, build all the way out to the Siegebreaker tree and put points in Salvatory Anchor and Elevated Gain.

Act 2 (level 32): Connect Steadfast from the Scholar tree to Zealous Might in the Soldier Tree. From here, place points until you get Immortal Offering, and then Grievous Afflictions in the Cabalist tree. After Grievous Afflictions, start putting points towards Occult Affliction in the Abyssal Shaper tree.

Act 3 (level 40): Once you have Occult Affliction, round out the build with The Wild Card in the Soldier tree and the two Master of Curses nodes in the Cabalist tree.

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Active Skills

Here are the main five skills you want (Infinity Blades is your main damaging skill – althouhg you can use any similar one…) try to get these skills ASAP.

Infinity Blades: Sublime Cut, Timeline Selection, Force Field Condensator, Anti Mobility Form, Reading of Quantic Memories

Winter’s Grasp: Biting Cold, Ice Pawn, Glacial Blast, PermaFrost

Bulwark of Dawn: Everlasting Aurora, Vitality Exhumed, Sacred Grounds, Generative Star, Extended Protection

Aether Jump: Quantum Mind, Escape Artist, Spirits of the Void, Feeded the Aether, Continuum Expertise, Auspex’s Arrogance

Anomaly: Echo Wave Pattern, Temporal Dilation, Rending of Matter

The Lazy Occultist works best with Infinity Blades due to faster ailment stacking and better willpower management. That said, Infinity Blades can be replaced with a different primary damage dealer, such as Annihilation.

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