The best Wolcen builds to put down your foes

2020-04-09 19:15:00

What are the best Wolcen builds? As any Diablo or Path of Exile fan can attest, one of the best parts of any isometric RPG game is creating beautifully broken character builds. Seeing as Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is the latest Diablo-like kid on the block, it is decreed by the gaming gods that we create some Wolcen builds.

Part of Wolcen’s allure is also what makes it daunting. There are no classes, and all you’re given is a massive skill tree to make your own. Don’t worry, though, it’s not as massive as Path of Exile’s. This is grand, as you have the creativity to build something that isn’t restricted by a class such as a mage. If you’re new, however, it can feel overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. In this  Wolcen builds guide we’ve assembled some of the best starter builds to help equip you with the game and how it works. These builds, however, do work quite well in the late game, too. It should also be said that these builds can be customised and built upon, these are just some starting foundations for you to toy around with.


The best Wolcen builds are:

A wolcen player taking on a mob of foes


The idea behind this one is wonderfully simple – become an unstoppable typhoon of death and destruction. This build is primarily built around the Bladestorm skill, so everything that follows is intended to help you inflict lots of damage and tank enemies so you can stay alive.


  • Bladestorm – sends you spinning in circles, damaging all who dare come near
  • Bleeding Edge – allows you to surround yourself with spinning axes for a set duration, depending on what modifiers you’re using
  • Juggernaut – gives you a shield that blows up and damages nearby foes after you take a set amount of damage
  • Sovereign Shout – buffs various stats depending on what modifiers you apply and increases your rage. Straight out of the box, though, it’ll empower your attack damage and spell casting speed
  • Wings of Ishmar – presents the option of jumping into, or away from, a mob of enemies


  • Static Transferral (Alastor) – gives you an overload point every time you attack that increases your damage. Using a skill removes all your overload points but the damage bonus from your overload points doubles
  • Intravenous Neural Cord (Alastor) – boosts your attack speed should you land a critical hit on an enemy
  • Merciless Lethality (Assassin) – boosts the damage of your critical hits at the expense of your non-critical hit damage
  • Backline Raider (Sentinel) – increases your attack speed and spell casting time
  • The Wild Card (Soldier) – boosts the critical hit chance of your attacks and spells
  • Second Wind (Soldier) – gives you a boost of health regen’ when you fall under 30% of your maximum health
  • Feast for the Crows (Warmonger) – adds life leech to all of your attacks
  • Gods Amongst Men (Warmonger) – bumps up physical, poison, and rend damage at the expense of you not being able to inflict other types of damage


Weapons and stats for this build is up to you, but we would recommend prioritising ferocity as it boosts your critical hit damage and anything with high physical or rend damage.

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